Computer Repairs and After-sales Services From Ritcor

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Computer Repairs and After-sales Services From Ritcor

Ritcor Gold Standard Computer Repair Services.

Computer Repair services


Buy Computers From Ritcor With Confidence…

When you buy computers from Ritcor you have peace of mind that should anything go wrong in the future you can call us for computer repair services to solve any problems. 

Over a period of time, your computer will no longer operate at the speeds that it did when you first purchased it, and some functions can become frustratingly slow.

When this happens, many people will think the technology installed is no longer fast enough, and then seek to upgrade the hardware, or in other cases even go and buy a newer model of computer.

It is possible to speed up your computer using the services of Ritcor computer repair that offer you state of the art software, and technical expertise to optimize any computer to run at speeds just like it did when you bought it.

Ritcor Computer Repair Services

Your computer builds up unnecessary file fragments, temporary files, and stores your data in different locations on your hard drive.

The result is very slow data retrieval and saving of your information, slow speed internet connections and general computing speeds overall.

Your registry will also often keep installation files for a program you installed which are no longer necessary, and folders will be kept inside your operating system after your programs have been removed as well.

Our expert technical team will do a complete cleanup, and repair to your systems offering top-level computer repair that you can schedule to be done when you prefer it.

Let skilled technicians from Ritcor turn the slowest computer into a system that runs like new again, and almost every computer can be repaired to run at double the speed it is running now.

Take some time to browse our websites to access all our services from ready-made computer systems for sale to computer repair services and website design catering for Gauteng individuals, small businesses, schools and training or call centres in South Africa.

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You are always in control of your computer repair service from Ritcor as we will quote you in advance the costs of custom builds, upgrades, cleanups and repair services first so that there are never nasty surprises.



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