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What are Chrome Cast, All Cast Devices South Africa from Ritcor

What is All-Cast or Chrome Cast for TV South Africa

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Chrome cast For South Africans

Chrome Cast or All Cast For South Africans

African countries are often last when it comes to getting the new technologies other countries enjoy and Chrome cast technology has finally arrived in South Africa.

The Google Chrome cast hardware accessory is an exciting device that can be used as a streaming media player to cast from your tablets, computers, laptops and even smartphones on to your big screen TV.

Here is how to set up All cast

Chrome cast hardware devices allow you to mirror what you see on the small screens of your devices onto the big screen of your TV.

For example, if you’re on your laptop, you can cast almost any website in Chrome; or from your Android smartphone or tablet to the TV which means it is not only great for entertainment but for many business applications like business presentations and education for some more examples…

All Cast South Africa

What Can Chrome Cast Do?

You Can Watch Streaming Videos

Using Chrome Cast in South Africa you can stream videos from Youtube or those that you would like to buy from Google Play store.

There are dozens of other top content providers that will also work with it as well, including Netflix,  HBO GO/HBO NOW, Showmax TV, ESPN,  YouTube, and many more services and applications.

IMPORTANT Note: Buying a Chrome cast in South Africa does not automatically give you access to the content you can watch on it, and you need to have accounts like with Netflix or Showmax for examples, or in some cases subscriptions.

There is of course just as much free content out there to enjoy using your chrome cast device.

What You Need to Get Chrome Cast or All Cast Working on Your TV…

To stream media to your TV using the Chrome cast device in South Africa, you must have a Wi-Fi network modem already set up in your home or need to get one installed. Your wireless router, can:

  • Stream the content from any mobile device like a smartphone, laptop or tablet but you will need to install the free Chrome cast app or a Google Cast compatible app on your device first.
  • Stream’ live’ from the internet. If you prefer using your laptop or desktop computer to stream your content or music and video, you will have to first to use Google’s Chrome web browser. The biggest advantage of streaming using chrome cast is tab casting — in simple layman terms it is the mirroring of what you see on your device to the big TV screens.

Chrome Cast South Africa

Online Services You Can Use to Stream Music And Video

For digital music entertainment, you can use services from any of your Chrome applications or  browsers, or mobile devices such as:

  • Google Play Music
  • Radio Stations
  • Songza Apps
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

You can stream music videos and other content using these services (and more):

  • YouTube
  • Vevo
  • Netflix
  • Showmax
  • Many other TV apps in the Apple and Chrome Play stores

Examples of services compatible with Chromecast include:

  • Directv Now
  • PlayStation Vue
  • YouTube TV
  • Vimeo*

These lists where you can access content for Chrome cast and All cast are forever being updated.

Chrome Cast Smartphone

Benefits of the Chrome Cast

The Chrome cast stick or device includes a USB cable for power and a power adapter. ‘

If your TV has a USB port or HD port you can plug the power cable right in and once set up then you control the device with smartphones or tablets like a TV remote to cast what you like onto your TV running Android or iOS,  or for your computers running the Windows or Mac OS X operating systems.

It’s easy for everyone to enjoy Chrome cast in South Africa plus another benefit is that it automatically updates with new features and developers are adding more compatible apps all the time, so your Chrome cast keeps getting better and more entertaining and functional.

Once you have purchased an all cast or chrome cast It takes only a few minutes to set up and is affordable enough to get one for every TV in the house.

Your visiting friends or anyone in the family with smartphones or compatible devices can cast to the TV using their own phone or tablet, too.

If you are Interested in  Prices, Quotes or Purchasing Chrome cast or All cast at the best prices contact us using the form below…

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