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Our Rates Rival What Other Web Designers Charge in South Africa! Take a Look!

These Are The Current Rates Competitors Would Charge You Today…
*A good WordPress website designer will charge you R300-500 per hour!
*A good Rails developer for large websites could charge you R500-R2000 per hour!
*Content Writing Rates Start for a 500 word Article R750 and upwards!
Some website designers charge even more than this, while others will charge you a monthly rate to build and manage your website which seems low initially, but it will add up quickly into thousands of Rands.

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Get Your Business Online With a small business website  designed by Ritcor Website Designers!

Your small business needs a website if you want to compete with the big boys and not only that you offer customers convenience as well.
You may have thought about getting a small business website and doing it yourself but as soon as you saw the hassles involved in coding and programming you ditched the idea.
Let us Help you with our Affordable Website Design Rates!

Your Own Small Business Website

The Advantage of Having a Small Business Website.

There’s never been a better time to give your business large or small exposure using the internet with small business websites linked to social media platforms.

Goes without saying that almost everyone owns mobile Smartphone’s these days and with these devices, everyone is browsing the internet with them, shopping, using services searching out information or playing games …

What is the best way for me to get more visitors to see my business you may ask?

Build your online presence and get the exposure you need by means of websites, applications and subscription forms.

Many small businesses lag far behind when it concerns creating an online presence, probably because website design companies out there are ripping people off, charging them from thousands of dollars or Pounds for a simple website.

Our services for small business websites are very affordable whether for a website or WP content management system which is the easiest to manage, and to find out what your small business will pay is simple….. Just contact us on this website, and we will discuss your specific requirements.

After Sales Services

Exceptional Website Design Rates!

Many professional website designers are prepared to custom build your site but expect to pay premium prices and the problem here is that when you need modifications and updates it’s going to cost you money every time.

Ritcor can assist you with website design and management while we further offer you a range of services for ongoing maintenance additional content and social media linking to keep your online presence optimized all cost effective for your budget.

Use our Cost Effective Small Business Websites Services!

There’s never been a better time to give your business whether it is a large or small business exposure using the internet. 

If your business is not online yet then get some help from experts that specialize in small business websites like Ritcor to help you with everything you need to build your online presence.

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Ritcor Website Design Services

Ritcor South Africa offer small business owners to have their own piece of internet real estate without breaking the bank. Get more exposure, while adding convenience for your customers to access your products, and services online.


We will register a domain name of your choice for you whether it is .com. or any other prefix you prefer.
This is according to name availability.

The costs of registration will apply and like all domains on the internet, there is a yearly renewal fee for your domain.


Every website needs a hosting service and you can use our affordable hosting option or your own if you already have a website.

If you like we can host the website for you or you can take advantage of the hosting specials on the front page.


Most website design companies charge per page when building your website but we will build 5 basic pages for you included in the package.

These will be like About, Privacy Policy, Contact us and any others you would like for your convenience.

You can provide the content or we will create it for you…


You may already have some pre-written content you would like to add to your website. If not we will create it for you using keyword research to find out what people are looking for relevant to your business.

For further content to keep your website fresh as well as SEO optimized we also offer one of the cheapest content creation rates online right now.


We will design your small business website to be fully responsive with Google and other search engines in mind. This means that your website is search engine friendly and most importantly visitor friendly with clear navigation


2 Posts and website/plugin updates per month R350 P/M 
4 Posts and website/plugin updates per month R550 P/M 
6 Posts and website/plugin updates per month R750 P/M


Take advantage of our blog updates of 2, 4, or 6 blog posts per month for maximum SEO and client retention. Rates are negotiable with no contracts. Software updates and minor changes only at R250 as and when required by you.


Latest News & Specials

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