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Computers specials Gauteng

Crazy Computers Specials Gauteng, ONLY Available From Ritcor!

Incredible Computers Specials Ready Made Systems at Ritcor!   Incredible Computer Specials in Complete Ready Made Systems Plug N Play. Computers and technology remain expensive and prices are increasing all the time. This means that most average home users cannot afford a home computer or laptop, although they would dearly love to have one. Our…
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Sinotec TV 40 Inch

Exclusive Sinotec 40 Inch TV Deal

Massive 40 Inch Sinotec TV Offer from Ritcor South Africa!   40 Inch TV Entertainment at a Fraction of the Price! If you have shopped around a bit you will know those big screen TVs are not cheap and you wish you could afford one. After a lot of negotiations to get reduced prices from the…
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What are Chrome Cast, All Cast Devices South Africa from Ritcor

What is All-Cast or Chrome Cast for TV South Africa . Chrome Cast or All Cast For South Africans African countries are often last when it comes to getting the new technologies other countries enjoy and Chrome cast technology has finally arrived in South Africa. The Google Chrome cast hardware accessory is an exciting device…
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Computer Repairs and After-sales Services From Ritcor

Ritcor Gold Standard Computer Repair Services.   Buy Computers From Ritcor With Confidence… When you buy computers from Ritcor you have peace of mind that should anything go wrong in the future you can call us for computer repair services to solve any problems.  Over a period of time, your computer will no longer operate at…
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Ready Made Computers

The Benefits of Investing in Refurbished Computers from Ritcor

The Benefits of Buying Quality Refurbished Computers… Complete Ready made Refurbished Computers from Ritcor Starting up a business office from scratch with all the equipment and technology you require can put a serious dent in your pocket. If you want computers for your students for school then it can cost you many thousands of Rands…
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Computer sales and laptop Specials Johannesburg

Sizzling Ready-Made Computer Systems Specials from Ritcor.

Ready Made Computer & Laptop Specials Gauteng Hottest Computers Sales Johannesburg When you are looking for computers to suit your budget it can cost you hours browsing online to find what you need and although many websites offer you the best in computer sales and laptop specials their prices are way beyond your budget. What’s…
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