South African Small Business Websites Left Behind!

South Africa Small business Websites

Are You Guilty Of Neglecting Your Small Business Website?

It’s sad to discover that many small business websites in South Africa are in such a sorry state, especially now during and after the pandemic when having an online presence is going to be crucial.

No doubt while many potential clients in South Africa come across websites with broken links, missing images, out dated blogs and information they will click away in a flash. That’s Bad!

After asking  a few small business owners why their websites are in such a bad way, most of the answers have been the same:

  • It’s way too expensive to maintain their website,
  • Do not have the knowledge on how to manage their website,
  • Do not have any control of their websites,
  • Are too Busy to keep their websites and social media pages updated.
  • In addition, the worst one of all. ‘I don’t have a website online yet’.

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It’s easy to make comparisons with website design services between what we are able to offer and competitors with a little research online.

Why we are the best: Ritcor are a father and son team dedicated to offering exceptional rates, value added, personalized services to clients, which is not easy to acquire from large website design companies that have fancy offices to maintain which drive their rates up.

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Use Our Services to Shine Online

Allow us to quote you on managing and building up your social media presence, keeping your website updated and fresh with new content which will increase your search engine rankings, or whatever you need to have an online presence for clients you will be proud of.

Ritcor are happy to offer a completely flexible tailor made services to clients and you will definitely be delighted, as your clients will be.

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How Important are Small Business Websites in South Africa?

Whether you have a large company or are small business owners you definitely need to have your own website.

When people look up information, services or want to buy products of course they use Smartphone’s, tabs laptops and computers. Very few people bother going through the phone book when they can access what they need with ease online.

Another reason your business needs a website is without one you don’t stand a chance when your competitors have one. 

Basics of a Successful Business Website

Doing some research online it is easy to find dozens of website designers and make easy comparisons between what they offer in rates and services. 

  1. Targeting Your Market: Your business website must target your market while having a solid social media presence attached to showcase what you offer in products and services.
  2. Smart fresh Design: One of the most popular platforms for websites is the CMS WordPress which offers you ease of management, thousands of design choices and the option to post fresh content.

Small Business Websites In South Africa

  1. Dare to be different: Your small business website must be different from competitors and unique in showcasing what you offer.
  2. User-friendly navigation: Small business websites should have ease of navigation so that potential clients or buys can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
  3. SEO: Search engine optimization is vital and this means having fresh content in the form of news articles or useful information.

A fresh website brings in new visitors and when they enjoy what they see they will be return customers too.

Contact us today and let us quote you to keep your small business website fresh and updated, and your social media pages well managed, without it breaking the bank.

Ritcor look forward to hearing from you!

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