How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Small Business Website In South Africa.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Simple Tips for How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Your domain name says it all to visitors that land on your website, and it should let visitors know that it is relevant for what they are looking for, so if you are thinking of starting your own business you should take these smart tips into consideration to know how to choose the right domain name. for your small business

Sometimes you want your domain just to be your name or a combination on abbreviations of your business, and that is fine, but when the visitor lands, make certain that they know immediately what your business is all about and when they do land make sure that what they see first is relevant to their search terms. Let us discuss why it is important to know how to choose the right domain name.

What About Your Visitors to Your Website?

Domain names For Your Business Website

If you are not skilled in search engine optimization (SEO), every visitor that you get from your advertising efforts, and organically from search engines, and through word of mouth sharing is like gold.

When your domain name or business name is not interesting enough, or does not  indicate what your business is all about, and the name does not properly conveyyour services or products; the visitor will not want to enter your site into their browsers.

Knowing how to choose the right domain name is not an art, but rather giving the name some thought before you register the domain, and you should avoid being too creative or fancy too. Domain names are useful in search engines when they contain keywords within them, because this also helps search engines know what they are all about, and it helps with rankings.

So the best rule of thumb for how to choose the right domain name works around the name being catchy, while simultaneously optimized with the keyword relevant to what your business is all about…

Here are more tips on how to choose the right domain name.

A) knowing what your business is selling in products or services investigate popular search term keyword that can easily be worked into your domain name. There are excellent free keyword analyzer tools which can help you simplify this task.

b) Once you have the keyword you can start thinking about your business domain name.

c) After you have a few combinations of names do searches with your website hosting company and they will tell you whether the domain is available or not.

d) Register the domain immediately with your targeted country prefixes if you find your preferred domain name is available and if you are thinking of expansion check what other prefixes are available and register those as well. You can always park them for later.

e) If your country prefix is not available but your keyword is very important to your business, it may be an option to use lesser known extensions like .net, .biz and .org.

Small Business Domain names

In conclusion on how to choose the right domain name don’t be in a hurry to register one just for the sake of getting your business online…

Over the long term, you are going to build a brand for your business and you want people to find your website easily while also making it simple for them to remember your business name. Lastly, remember search engines will rank you better because you have included that all important keyword rich domain name.

If you need assistance to choose a domain name and set up your business website contact expert website design professionals to help you…