These are Pertinent Website Design facts Every Small Business in South Africa Should Know!

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Take Advantage of Getting Your Small Business Website Online Today!

The pandemic has forever changed the way businesses interact with clients and most of this is now done online.

If your business does not have an online presence already; in the future you are going to be sorry you did not take action sooner than later.

Ritcor still offers clients the best website design rates currently, but these are set to increase soon so make a decision soon!

Fortunately many small South African businesses are embracing digital technology to bring the convenience of what they offer in products and services online for the consumer to access.

Most small businesses balk at website design costs and it is understandable because it can be expensive from the word go.Some website design companies charge from R20000 upwards and yes it is a lot of work building a functional website with all the bells and whistles

For website design some common questions people ask are:

  • How long will it take to build my website?
  • How Much will my Website Cost to Build?
  • How much does a Web designers charge?

*NOTE: These Rates Shown are 2023 and are Set To Increase Shortly so take advantage today.

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How Long to Build my Small Business Website?

Depending on the complexity of what a client wants a typical small business website can take anything from 7 days to many weeks to complete and even longer if the client needs content for the website.

Without content a website is simply a skeleton and most website designers request content from the client.

A basic 10 to 15 page website could take about 4-6 weeks if the content is supplied and longer if there is none.

Most small businesses believe that it is easier and cheaper using platforms like the ‘Wix or Squarespace’ for example but these do come with limitations like not being great for search engine optimization.

Even using these platforms can take you many hours to get the type of website you like you like just right and with a mistake you can lose all your hard o work in one go.

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How Much will My Small Business Website Cost ?

Using WYSIWYG platforms like we mentioned above do come with fees averaging from R50.00 to R250.00 per month and if you want eCommerce added it can cost you even more.

A basic website will always need hosting fees paid every month, and these vary widely between hosting companies a d you will also need to investigate how much space you get for media and content.

Domain registration for your business name website management the cost of building the website and content are all costs which website design companies will add.

Once again dependent on the complexity of a small business website you can pay from  a minimum of R5000 to R20000 and even more for eCommerce websites.

Website designers mainly charge per the hour because it is a lot of slog getting a website just right with changes, trial and error coding, media problems and many other issues.

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 What do Website Designers in SA Charge for Website Design? 

Website designers in South Africa charge many different rates depending on the coding, the templates they use, and all the extras in bells and whistles like CSS Javascript etc that go with it.

Top end website designers can charge anything from a minimum of R150 per hour to R500 per hour and even higher because building a website is hard work no matter what platform you use. If you do not supply any conetnt these rates can even be double that with up to R850 per 500 word article and rates for media.

At Ritcor we prefer using WordPress CMS due to its versatility and ease of management should clients prefer managing their websites ongoing.

Unfortunately many website designers in South Africa hold clients over a barrel in costs and in website design management but at Ritcor we do our best to offer clients full transparency and ownership of all their intellectual content and their websites once completed.

With the costs of website design, domain registration and hosting fees constantly increasing as the demand for small business websites online due to the pandemic increases Ritcor may soon have to increase our prices in early July to absorb these additional costs.

If you don’t have a small business website in South Africa take advantage of our low rates now or be sorry later..

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