Some Insights for Choosing a Website Designer To Build Your Business Websites.

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Guidelines for Getting Your Business Website Live Online in Simple Steps.

While looking for a website designer in South Africa you will discover a wide range of prices ranging from R1000 to R50000 and you can rest assured that when it concerns a quality finished product you will get what you pay for. An experienced website designer will not come cheap and some charge rates as high as R1200 per hour and even more depending on what you need in programming and features.

 These helpful tips will guide you on choosing a reputable website designer and one that will provide you with a finished project within your budget.

Most people look up website design services on advertising websites and you may find some great deals but these services could end up messing up your project and also add additional charges along the way which could be extremely frustrating.

Choose Quality Services of Ritcor website design for an amazing, quality, project for your business with complete peace of mind and we work with you every step of the way.

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Website designer companies will give you a quote on what you require, but this can be difficult according to what you need. We have standard rates you can find on our website and for additional features you can simply talk to us about how much you would like to spend.

**Read the frequently asked questions page for details of what to expect when you use Ritcor services.

  1. Let the Website Designer Know What You Want.

An important tip when using a website designer for your project is to know what you want and explain exactly that to them so that can work out a quote for you accordingly.

Many clients contact us for a website and are vague in what they really want which means back and forth contact to get finer details. For example you may want to sell things online or offer services. Let the website designer know what you wish to sell or what type of services you want when inquiring. Even better if you look up competitors in your products and services and send links so that you can give the website design company a better outline.

2.  What is the Purpose of Your Website?

As mentioned above an idea of what the purpose will be of your website should be supplied when inquiring. What products you want to sell, what services you want to supply, or do you need a personal informational website, or portfolio?  Maybe you simply want a blog to post content to for your readers connected to social media, or you might want to monetize a website with affiliate links and Adsense for another example?

3.  What Type of Website do you Prefer?

One of the most popular and may we add easy to manage CMS systems currently online are Word press which Ritcor specialize in. However you might want a static HTML website built onto templates of your preference. Perhaps you want a squeeze page to build an email list linked to social media or one when you can post special offers and banners as a means of monetization?

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When requesting quotes let the website designer know in detail so that they can work out the quote accordingly.

4. What pages do you want on Your Website?

Ritcor website design offer included the basic pages for all our website services for clients which are:

  • About
  • Contact us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy policies
  • Store page for Ecommerce

However you may need additional pages added to your website which could include examples like

  • Service description pages,
  • Product description pages
  • Testimonial and review pages
  • A Registration squeeze page to capture subscriptions
  • Appointment booking pages. 

5. Do You Need Ongoing Website Management?

Once your website is complete it will be handed over to the client as a finished project with full access provided. You should consider whether you want your website managed which means updating software, adding new content, banners for special offers and so on.

Ritcor are happy to offer these ongoing services at set rates just like most website designer services will, or you can manage it yourself. Work out your monthly budget for this and plan according to what you want done every month to your website to keep it updated.

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6. What Every Website Needs

***Every live website needs a home and a name which means a domain name suitable for your business and hosting which is like paying rent for your domain to live in.

You may want your website to get lots of visitors so this would mean some online marketing tactics like SEO, social media and paid advertising to get your brand known.

It is important to remember that new websites take time to get ranked and Google can take up to 6 months to list you which is done because some websites are here today and gone tomorrow.

However some dynamic online marketing can still make your website become profitable and most website design companies will be glad to punt you a few ideas to help. For example Ritcor offers help to manage your social media and build your Facebook page up.

Keeping your business website updated with fresh new content is vital and search engines, and new visitors watch for this too. You don’t want your last content to be years old and outdated which means you are not staying with current trends? Content can be relevant and general according to what your business does but new content must appear as often as possible preferably at least weekly.

Hope these useful website tips will help you plan your business website with more insight so that you can look forward to a finished product just as you envisaged. Ritcor will be glad to help and you will love our rates for all the services we have been talking about within this article