Small South African Businesses Should Consider Opening an Online Store.

Online Stores South Africa

 Your Small Business Can be Online Today!

Many people contact Ritcor interested in selling their home made products or what they manufacture in their small businesses in an online store and that certainly is a great idea. The internet allows you to reach a wider audience in clients and customers interested in your products and services.

There are many ways you can set up an online store using programs and software like ‘Etsy or Shopify’ but you will always be limited by their terms and conditions when it comes to control. Itcan also be quite a chore learning how to set up and manage your store on these and certain platforms…

Some Online Store Examples Created by Ritcor

Health Store

Jewellery Store

T-Shirt Store 

The alternative option is getting a website designer to do this for you but most small business owners run a mile when they see what some web designers charge.  This is understandable in many ways because building a website is a lot of work, and even more so setting up an eCommerce store, payment systems, adding products and so on.

Ritcor still offer South African small business owners their very own online shop at a fraction of the price that other website designers charge so take a look at our rates and talk to us. we will even help with site management in the way of adding new products, pricing structures and content.

Online Store

Why Have an Online Store?

Online shopping now and in the future after this pandemic is becoming a mainstay of access to products and services and statistics show that more people are becoming comfortable with making purchases from secure Internet stores. All South African small businesses should now truly consider offering their products and services to clients online!

Should you have anything that you are passionate about making and selling, they you must definitely consider opening an online store and we will be happy to help you own an online store you can be proud of. Many South Africans are creative and wish to start an online store offering their homemade products.

South African Small Business Websites

Some people enjoy turning their hobbies into a home based business, selling everything to handmade baby clothes, to jewellery, natural herbal health products, and homemade candles to collector items.

Your handmade products are original and unique compared to mass produced and this is what makes them attractive to buyers.  Besides selling stuff you make there is no reason to sell or resell other products you can buy in bulk online.

Once you have an online store you can start sharing what you sell on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others. This is also a service that Ritcor offer at one of the best rates in the business. Ritcor will design an attractive online store that will keep your customers returning ensuring that it is easy to navigate and we will add fresh content so that search engine rank you well.

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Take a look at our website design rates and get in touch. We offer personalized services negotiable rates and customer satisfaction which is something that lacks in many large companies that offer similar services.