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Cheap Website Design South Africa

Small Business Website Services at Affordable Rates from Ritcor

Your South African small business needs a website if you want to compete with the big boys and not only that you offer customers convenience as well. Today over 85% of people are using the convenience of online shopping and seeking products and services online using smartphones and other portable devices.

You may have thought about getting a small business website to complement your conventional one, and even trying to design a website yourself but as soon as you saw the hassles involved in registering a domain, setting up a database, and then doing all the content, coding and programming to get it all functional you ditched the idea.

Although HTML is still the base language for building and managing many basic websites, today WordPress and other WYSIWYG databases are becoming the simpler easier way to get a website up and running.

You can build a website using these methods and once you get the hang of it with some practice and trial and error, then you will see it is not as complicated as it looks. There are dozens of youtube videos that will show you how to build a website and if you are prepared to put in the time, patience and effort you can certainly do it yourself

The most important point worth repeating is that you MUST have an online presence, coupled with a social media one, or you are apt to get left behind by all your competitors. If you want to forgo all the hassles of trying to build your business website on your own contact us and we will be happy to assist you at affordable rates.

Cheap Website Design South Africa

Whatever you use as the base of your website whether HTML or databases, browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and internet explorers can interpret HTML, and CSS language and show your website to others online the way you have used the coding to do so.

Today you can build a small business website using CMS or blog platforms like word press, PHP databases and other readymade website building software. It is still a learning curve however and you need to experiment a little to see what different HTML code can do for a website.

Managing the looks of a website is now even easier with CSS which stands for cascading Style Sheets which allows you to change the look and feel of an entire website with a few minor modifications to the code.

Get your small business website live using any of the many types of online website builders software that have WYSIWYG which stands for what you see is what you get where the overall changes you are making are live while making them. However, WordPress CMS websites are now the trending way for websites because of their features and ease of use.

South Africa Small Business Website Design

There are endless tutorials online for building your website and if you encounter an obstacle there are forums to help you correct it.

It’s exciting learning how to build a website whether it is for personal use or for a small business you own. Most importantly, you should have an online presence with your own company website if you want your business to be competitive.

Small Business Websites the Affordable Way.

Many professional website designers are prepared to custom build your site but expect to pay premium prices and the problem here is that when you need modifications and updates it’s going to cost you money every time. Do some diligence in making comparisons between services to get the best possible deal but remember cheap is not always the best option for a business website and in some cases, you may end up with shoddy workmanship..

Ritcor can assist you with website design and management while we further offer you a range of tutorials included to help teach you how to manage your own small business website making it all cost-effective for your budget.

Companies that design websites can change a small fortune to build you a website because they have to cover enormous costs of maintaining staff and offices.

Ritcor.com  Information Services further offers a full suite of online services at a fraction of the price and we have our own designers that are freelance or work from home offices so overall you are going to save money using us.

Alternatively, you have the choice of using freelancers to do your website projects but you need to choose with care because you want to make certain you get a good deal for your money.

Surely you will agree then that having a website built for your business is vital but it is wise to learn how to manage it and doing so will also teach you enough to start designing websites of your own.

Contact us if you want a basic website built to suit your business and once we have designed it for you then use the tools we provide to help you manage it. You will definitely be proud of what you have accomplished when it’s all live online!