Important Facts for Defining the Purpose and Objective of Your Website?

The Purpose and Objective of Your Website

How Does Your Website Measure Up For Visitors?

Is your website tired and outdated compared to current internet trends? Although Ritcor are delighted to help clients build small business websites, portfolios and blogs, but before using our services, you need to know the purpose and objective of your website.  This article is important and will make you take a new look at your current website. To begin with, a few questions you need to answer are:

  • Do You Want to sell products in an ecommerce store?
  • Do you want to generate subscriptions to a newsletter?
  • Do you want to generate leads for your business?
  • Do you want to make money promoting affiliate products?
  • Do you want to share information and news?

Often the answer for the purpose and objective of your website include all al of the above but one or two of these answers needs to be the primary focus.

Small Business Website Design

Connecting With Customers Online.

The novelty of shopping online has now worn off for most people and is now commonplace driven even more so since the global pandemic started. Millions of websites compete for consumer attention now so the purpose and objective of your website should be to stand out among the rest in your specific niche.

Your website must connect with your visitors and provide an enjoyable browsing experience, offer interesting content, quality products ease of navigation and be attractive enough to turn visitors into returning visitors and repeat buyers.

Things to consider regarding the purpose and objective of your website:

  1. Your website must be all about your visitors not about you and how beautiful you want it to look. That means having a smart design easy navigation to find information, interesting news and information about your products and services and a smooth sales process.
  2. People first and search engines second should be the next primary focus. There is no point in pleasing a search engine and annoying visitors because they will leave when they encounter a shoddy website. One sale is better than zero sales after all and when you focus on visitor ship and build an interesting content rich website that visitors enjoy then search engines will notice this anyway and improve your rankings. Thus put the needs of your customers first and think about what THEY want as the first priority and then search engine optimization secondary to this.
  1. Focus on what you are selling and deliver what your visitor wants above all else which means the purpose and objective of your website must be clarity.  From the moment someone lands on your website they must know it is exactly what they were looking for in products, services, or information and news.

Website Design For Visitors

Here are further considerations:

  1. Every page must identify with your brand product and services because visitors may land on different pages of your website according to their searches.
  2. Your website must be well organized and for online stores gently funnel people into buying what you are selling in a smooth process.
  3. Content headlines product headlines and special offer headlines must be clearly defined and strong.
  4. Images on your website must be related to what you are selling while being clear and strong to achieve selling goals or deliver news impact.
  5. Do not use fancy fonts and small text on your website and stick to something that is easy to read like times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana in a suitable size thus catering for people and seniors which less than perfect eyesight.
  6. The website must be well organized and information whether generic or brand focused should let consumers know benefits of your product and services and why they should choose you over competitors.
  7. Lastly and very important in the purpose and objective of your website is smooth navigation in menus and links and these must be regularly checked to make sure they function as desired.

Although the internet is technology based, it is humans that use it, and today many people are in a hurry and impatient to find what they are looking for. Should your website look old and outdated then visitors will click away in an instant.

Keep your content fresh and updated, your graphics crisp, occasional tweak designs here and there and browse the internet to stay abreast of what the design trends are.

Online Shopping Websites

Internet Trends Constantly Change.

Search engines have become smarter, designs more technology based and shopping trends constantly change which means it is vital having someone manage your website ongoing if you cannot. Occasionally a fresh new design is a way to revive your online presence and well worth the investment too.

Just bear in mind regarding the purpose and objective of your website that today’s millennials have high expectations and little patience. That means your website should deliver something special for visitors with news and information that makes them dally there a little longer slowly nudging them in the direction of your sales or subscription pages