Smart Website Building Tips to Build Effective Small Business Websites.

(If You are buiklding your own website….Take note of These Guidelines)

Website Building Tips

Guidelines for Building Your Small Business Website.

When people start out to build their business websites to market their products or services they tend to overload it with flashy graphics, bells and whistles, and now even video clips.

This is understandable because you want your visitors to know what your business is all about and you believe more is better. However this can affect your visitors negatively.

On the internet, most people have short attention spans, and will quickly move on to look for another website if the one you have is too complicated to find anything, or loads too slowly.

Speed is of the essence these days and even a consideration is taken by Google on how they are going to rank your business website.

Small Business Websites

It is sensible to do a little research before attempting to build your website to see what the best design features should be because you want to make your website useful, innovative, and unique as possible, but most importantly user-friendly.

It is far more effective to have a simple small business web page with just one or two banners, and a picture or two with neatly placed links and categories to help people find what they are looking for quickly. This rather than dozens of images, gifs and animations.

You can add a related image for your business, but most importantly make sure you add detailed useful content to let people know what your business is all about.

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When prospects are looking for small business websites sites and come across websites with hundreds of links, it ends up in information overload for them, with the result that they will just move on.

Your landing page must immediately capture their attention and tell them what your business is all about which makes having a short introduction a useful option right below the header image or logos.

Keep Your Small Business Website Informative and to the Point.

If you are promoting products and services on your small business website then focus on what you want your visitors to see on your landing page… Within your content add some keywords which can be found using keyword research tools on the internet.

Small Business Websites

No doubt you have also heard more than once that content is king when it comes to search engine optimization and this must be related to what your business offers.  With this factor in mind, write your website for the visitor first and the search engine second.

Easy to browse neatly laid websites are refreshing but they must also be responsive for mobile devices as well so use themes or templates with these features…

Look for simple templates to use that are attractive and quick loading. Providing a good selection of links for the products and services you are promoting with a good structure for ease of browsing that lead to different pages will also help to keep your visitors longer.

Another great option to look at is to open each link in a new window especially if you have links leading to other websites, otherwise, the visitor is gone forever when they navigate away from your website to visit these other pages…

If you would like a small business website designed for you with wordpress or in basic HTML to contact us using the links on our website and we will be glad to help.