Why Business Owners should keep Online Websites Updated with Regular Fresh Website Content!

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Keeping Websites Fresh Online

How to Keep Your Business Websites Fresh

Few online business owners with know, nor understand how important the role of fresh content is for their websites. You will thus discover many business websites are outdated, or have very low search engines rankings and as a result few visitors.

Keeping your website content fresh is vital not only to keep your visitors and clients informed but it will in addition appeal to search engines to improve your website ranking. South African business owners in their hurry to get their websites live have no idea what is going to happen in the future where it concerns building their online brand.

Why is Content So Expensive?

Written website content is expensive because it takes time to research all the factors that will make it useful for the online business owner. Search engine optimization has many facets to it from keyword research to afterwards incorporating the right keyword into the flow of the narrative.

Ritcor offer a cost effective and may we say the cheapest services of keeping your websites updated with fresh SEO content at rates far below the current standards. In fact you will find we also sell some of our content on certain platforms at premium rates but unfortunately it can take time for the article to be sold. (As you can see below a 500 word article of ours recently sold for $16 on a content platform which in ZAR terms is almost R300.)

Our rates start from as little as R55 for 500 words a huge difference!

Website Content

Here and there we do submit content to certain platforms but it takes time to have them approved and then the wait to get them sold.

As mentioned before website content writing is labour intensive and time consuming and you will find there are many employers offering top salaries for  SEO content and blog writers. Website owners have two choices and that is generating fresh content on their own or getting a website developer to provide the content and keep the website updated.

Many website developers are busy and it may often happen that being so means your website may not take priority.

At Ritcor, we schedule the content according to set intervals that are suitable for search engine crawling while keeping your visitors updated with the latest news. It is wise to choose responsible and responsive website designers always ready to help you as business owner keep your website updated and fresh to have o an online presence you can be proud of.

Click Below to see Our Website Content Writing Rates.

Content Writing Services

In the internet world where SEO (search engine optimization) and keeping visitors happy is important to your online business use a cost effective service that provides value to you for what you need.

At Ritcor we offer great cost effective options to choose from to keep your business website site fresh and even one to manage and build your social media presence. Now you can have the peace of mind that there will always be fresh new website content placed on your business website even in your absence.

You can manage your website on your own with some learning but for busy business owners it is often far better outsourcing it to some that specializes in doing so.