Website Design & Hosting Services For South Africa Small Business You Can Afford!

Get Your Business Live Online Today

Most website designers charge premium prices to build a business website, and although we do know there is quite a lot of work involved in from designing to building a website, the prices charged by many website designers are expensive especially when they charge hourly rates.

We have been building small and large business websites for South African small businesses for many years, and we started out way back when websites were built using standard HTML templates, to today using the most popular responsive WordPress CMS  installations, and responsive website databases.

It can be mentioned that management and optimization for a business website are far more work intensive, but when it concerns using the basics of helping people get a business website up and running, and then helping the owner learn the basics of how to take care and update the website, it should not be that expensive…

Should you want to begin your own affiliate marketing business; business website store online, or if your small business needs a  services website; or even if you would just like to have a  blog where you can share your passion with the world….let us help you get your website live online today.

Almost every day you may find your inbox filled with offers from Indian and Philippine-based companies offering you website design, SEO, and everything related to building and managing a website… and even these guys ask expensive rates!

What website designers are charging for a business website these days is shocking, and no wonder the average person or small business can’t afford it. There are free website builders with WYSIWYG but there are always terms and conditions afterwards and you have limited ownership and access.

Let us get a basic website up and running for you, no strings attached at all in long-term contracts,  except one requirement is that you will need hosting for it, and you will find our offers of affordable hosting available with  60 days free after your website has been completed.

Your business website needs a home, or if you prefer its own piece of WWW land and that is why every website on the planet has to have a hosting company , but we are able tyo cater for both as partners with a highly regarded overseas company.

Choose your hosting from us and you will be very surprised that it is so affordable

Visit some of the clients we have built and manage websites for by visiting the portfolio link in the menu.

Please contact us with details of what you want, (and if you are really on a tight budget>>>what you can afford to pay<<< )and we will take it from there and once we have finished with your project we will give you some guidelines training  so that you know how to manage it, monetize it and update your business website.

It’s that simple to get your very own website up and running without it costing you the earth and Ritcor will be happy to help you every step of the way including support afterwards until you are comfortable with managing your website.