How to Profit From Having Small Business Websites or Personal Blogs.

Tips for Building Profitable Money Making Websites

If you desire to make money on the internet learning how to build or manage a profitable money making website or personal blog is something you are going to have to learn about. Fortunately you do not need any technical experience if you use a service to build the website or start the blog for you first and Ritcor will be happy to help you.

You should know that it really does not matter what sort of i business you are building it is going to have to have some sort of website or another and there are simply dozens of ways you can monetize a website once you have it up and running.

You can design or ask for our assistance to build you a money making website and this can be used to promote a variety of affiliate products, add google ads to it, or build one around a network marketing business opportunity. What is even more profitable is selling your own products providing useful information to readers relevant to your niche.

Money making websites can be your own online stores too and this is can be very profitable considering online shopping is a growing phenomenon in todays difficult financial times. Irrespective of what you want to sell online, even if it is affiliate products, you still need an online presence to showcase it to begin with.

e-Commerce store website

While browsing the internet the majority of people today have short attention spans, so  your money making website must be perfect to capture attention fast, otherwise visitors will quickly move on to look for another website, if the one you have is too complicated to navigate or is not relevant to what they were searching for, or it loads too slowly. 

This is why Ritcor always do a little research before attempting to build a website  for our clients by having a look around at what competitors are doing to make what we build for you competitive and relevant.

It is far more effective to have a fast loading and simple landing or sales page with just one or two banners, and a picture or two, with some neatly placed links relevant to what your pitch is.

If you are selling food for example, then stick to food, if you are selling real estate for another example, then stick to real estate and so on.

It looks pretty unprofessional and very confusing seeing a website selling food, electrical products, and business opportunities all on one page and visitors will not stay too long.


Building a Money Making Website that is Informative and Relevant.

If you are going to be promoting affiliate products or adding google ads as the theme of your money making websites, then focus on that alone in the particular niche you have chosen. For example if your website is about how to make money online, then your affiliate programs would revolve around that. Google ads or other ads can be adjusted to show ads that are relevant to your content.

On many of our own websites Ritcor earns over R1000 from Google Ads every few months without us doing anything except maintaining the website or occasionally adding new content. See example of our account below:

Money making Website

If you are promoting traffic programs and advertising techniques for internet marketing, the same applies.

Basically your website must always stick to the niche of what you are promoting. You can build a site about gardening and promote affiliate links and products that are relevant to gardening though.

It is easy enough using the search engines to find companies looking for affiliates to promote their ranges of products which are relevant to what you are promoting. You can join a few of them and build your website to promote their links, but stick to the topic/niche otherwise your visitors will leave.

Make Sure Your Website has Interesting Content…

No doubt you have also heard more than once that content and information is king when it comes to search engine optimization, and this is more important than ever before too. Besides this fact, your visitors will stay longer if they find information relevant to what they are looking for.

With this in mind, always make sure to design your money making websites for the visitor first, and the search engine second because your visitor is your business.

There are many different ways to market your websites and businesses or products and services, and it is not necessary to rely on search engines alone. Easy to browse neatly laid out websites with useful relevant information is refreshing for visitors.

Should you need the services of a website built for your business or need a personal blog set up then we will be happy to help you at