Our Content Writing & Website Management Services.

Content Writing Services

Use The Best and Most Affordable Services in Content Writing for Your Websites

Keeping your website updated with fresh conetnt is both important for your visitors as well as for your search engine rankings and you will love our content writing rates at Ritcor

Our diverse skills in SEO and small business website design  for South Africa will help you increase presence in search engines which in turn will enhance your social media presence, and most importantly generate new clients.

You will discover that we offer a wide range of personalized services from website design to management and updating content writing services are offered at a fraction of the rates many competitors charge, and over time you will see proven results in more visitors and improved rankings.

We offer a flexible  range of services to our clients and small businesses that you can read about on our website, and you will love our friendly personalized services as we believe in building lasting relationships with clients doing everything possible to offer you a professional services without breaking your bank account.

**There are NO  complicated monthly contracts for our services.

For content writing delivery work done, simply send us details of what you need and afterwards provide proof of payment for the work you require by email with your reference number indicated on the invoice for us to proceed.

For ongoing work in website management we will provide you a set rate invoiced at the beginning of each month which you can cancel at any time.

Below you can take a look at our rates and also see how we compare with competitors and you can visit our website for more detailed information.



Content Writing Services


For Content: The Average Article/blog post lengths are 500 to 1000 words with the latter being the best for search engine  optimization options after keywords have been researched relevant to your products or services:

For Website Maintenance…

Take advantage of our blog updates of 2, 4,  or 6  blog posts per month to keep your website fresh and updated for maximum SEO and client retention.

For more posts than 6 posts p/m, we will offer a 10% discount per article, as you can see from the value of rates below!

  • 2 Posts and website/plugin updates per month R450 P/M Value R1200
  • 4 Posts and website/plugin updates per month 650 P/M Value R1800
  • 6 Posts and website/plugin updates per month R850 P/M Value R2000

Content Writing Services

**Choose this service above  for an optional amount of blog posts you prefer monthly, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes while keeping your website fresh!

Content service includes keyword research for popular search terms for your business and each of your posts will have up to 3 royalty free images with alt tags added at no charge.

*Good for marketing and exposure online!

Social Media Linking and Posting.

Your website will link to your FB and twitter pages are optional but you need to supply the links. We also do social media management at a flat rate of R1500 P/M Ask us about the services we include and how we can assist you in building your brand and social media presence


Ritcor Web design rates

Your Website Business Galleries.

We will add a website Photo gallery feature at no extra charges if you want this option.  You can supply photos of your business for uploading on a regular basis, or we will supply royalty free images as available relevant to your business.

Additional services can be requested as we are flexible for all client needs and will provide you with competitive rates.


How many times have you visited a business website that is out of date, full of spelling errors and some pages are not working? Many websites are forever ‘Under Construction or Coming Soon’ because website designers charge such high fees.

We want to help you so contact us to discuss your requirements today

Outdated content and links not working also hurt your Google rankings as well as the business brand. Rest assured that using Ritcor Website design and management services, that will never be the case with your website.

NOTE: Rates are subject to change without notice, and are also negotiable…