Ritcor Offer Cost Effective Small Business Websites Services for South Africans

Small Business Websites

Does Your Business Offer Clients and Online Presence?

There’s never been a better time to give your business whether it is a large or small business exposure using the internet and people are turning to using the internet to access products and services, for shopping and entertainment and access to information.

It does not need to be mentioned really that almost everyone owns mobile Smartphone’s these days and with these devices, everyone is browsing the internet with them, shopping, using services searching out information or playing games. The pandemic has made this even more so than ever before yet still many South African small businesses are not taking the vital step to build a presence online …

If your business is not online yet then get  help from experts that specialize in small business websites like we do and you will find that our rates are exceptional value for money. We are ready to help you with everything you need to build your online presence, including assistance to manage it afterwards for as long as you need.

South African Small businesses often ask the same question being ‘What is the best way for me to get more visitors to see my business’ ?  The simple answer is to build your online presence and get the exposure you need by means of small business websites, applications and subscription forms. The internet offers multiple ways to market your business to get more clients from social media to search engine optimization and lots more besides.

Many small businesses particularly in Africa are lagging far behind the competition when it concerns creating an online presence, probably because website design companies out there are ripping people off, charging them from thousands of dollars or Pounds for a simple website. using free website builders has its limitations no matter what you believe and you may also lack proper branding in the long term.

Browse our rates online for website design and content creation and we will surprise you with the cost-effective array of services on offer for small business websites including hosting and domain registrations that is exceptionally affordable.

Our multiple online services are very affordable for a website or WP content management system, and to find out what your small business will pay is simple. You will not be tied down by long term contracts and we are also flexible in rates depending on what you need.  Contact us from this website and we will discuss your specific requirements ranging from providing SEO content to website creation.

If you like we even offer ongoing services of keeping small business websites updated for you leaving you hands-free to continue managing your business and clients.

Why Would I Want to Own a Website Online?

As mentioned previously, almost everyone is becoming internet savvy these days, accessing the internet on computers, laptops and smartphones looking for products, information, services, or to shop and do online banking and your business will be found online netting you new clients.

Small businesses must have a website to increase their exposure and build their brand, get more clients and offer visitors convenient to access information, but the cost of website design is extremely expensive and this is the main factor stopping many from even considering getting a website of their own.

Will I Learn How To Manage My Small Business Website?

Once you have your own business website live, after some practice and with the right tools and resources, you can manage your website making changes when you need to or alternatively allow us to assist you with updates until you are satisfied you can continue on your own.

It does look complicated at first when trying to make changes to your website without ruining it, but after some practice your confidence will grow, and you will be delighted and feel accomplished. If something does go wrong we are always just an email or phone call away…

Now you can see that it is vital to have your very own piece of real estate for your business, where you are able to sell your products and offer services, or if you wish, consider to have a personal page where you provide potential clients with information and experiences you are passionate about.

Small Business Websites? It just all Looks too Technical to me….

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Of course, it’s no wonder most average people and small business leave off trying to own their own websites because the average person believes it is too technical and that is besides what we mentioned above and that is being far too expensive as well…

In addition to this,  there are many that try out those free website builders you find online, but in most cases there are often heavy limitations on them, or there is always an extra cost down the line that can bite you in the tail. Always read the terms and conditions for these carefully if you decide to go this route.

Once your small business websites are up and running then you can take your time watching many useful YouTube videos and reading information searching it out on Google so that you can manage your website and even make changes. Contact Ritcor that specialize in helping with small business websites online services covering the entire range of options you can think of.

We will be happy to help you take your business to the next level!